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Our team is like a box of crayons.
Individually distinct.  Collectively imaginative.
And we are ready when you need us to help complete your organization’s “inspiring” picture!
Sonny Randall, MA, CPLP

Founder & CEO

Sonny Randall is the founder and CEO of Leaderality, LLC. He has been in the field of Leadership Development for 15 years. Sonny has a BA in Communications and a MA in Lay Ministry and has been recognized as a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance by the American Society for Training & Development. Prior to establishing Leaderality, LLC Sonny was responsible for the Leadership Development Programs for: U.S. Bank, Steiner & Associates, Weltman, Wienberg & Reis, The American Cancer Society and The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
Sonny lives in Lake Forest, Illinois with his wife (Lori) and his three children (Samuel, Anna and Adam). Sonny is an “outside the box” thinker with strengths in the areas of Leadership Development, Recognition & Appreciation, and Generational Awareness. ­
"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more you are a leader."
-John Quincy Adams
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